The services we provide for our clients

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Finding candidates for your company

Scandina offers you skilled staff, best suited for your company needs. Due to years of experience and a large number of registered candidates with high quality expertise, we are able to offer you dedicated workers who have been pre-interviewed and introduced to employment procedures in Scandinavia.

Consulting in the field of human resources

We in Scandina specialize in human resources. Therefore, we can offer you consulting services and guidance when it comes to staffing, recruiting, as well as adapting to market changes that could be challenging for your business. With our expertise and experience, we will find the solution that works best for you.

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Scandina welcomes you to Belgrade

We invite you to our capital city where you would be offered a number of candidates to choose from and set up interviews with them against your schedule, or if it suits you better, everything can be arranged and conducted over the internet. Coming to Belgrade for candidate selection is a perfect option for you who need more than 10 candidates for your company.

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